CBD For Pets

CBD has broadened its horizon in the world of medicine. Nowadays, CBD can be taken as a replacement for other treatments. Doctors trust CBD more than any other herbs and are recommending it to their patients. Its uses are not only effective on humans, but pets also experience a positive impact when they consume CBD. In this article, we are going to see how CBD affects a pet’s mood and health. But before that, let’s have a look at what CBD is.

CBD or Cannabidiol is a hemp extract taken from a naturally grown cannabis plant. The plant has many effective compounds present in it. These include cannabinoids, terpenes, and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – a psychoactive compound that makes a person lose their sanity. You might feel anxious about CBD having levels of THC in it. However, there is nothing to worry about as CBD only has minute amounts of THC i.e. 0.3%. This amount is not enough to make a person lose their senses. What makes CBD useful are the cannabinoids that are capable of interacting with a person’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) and helps in solving any problems like anxiety, stress, and depression.

CBD for pets has become much popular than ever before. This is due to the soothing and calming effects of CBD. People owning pets cannot bear to see their pets in pain. They care for them, and at times when doctors are helpless, the pet owners feel heart-stricken. For this purpose, doctors started to try CBD on pets. And it has shown more promising results than ever. Research says that there is a 746 percent increase in the pets CBD industry. There are many different forms of CBD products that can be helpful for pets. These include:

CBD Oil:
CBD oil is given orally to the pets, and it gets absorbed in their bloodstream. This helps them with any pain, and keeps them calm and relaxed.

Capsules are also available for pets, especially dogs, to intake orally.

Lotions and topical creams infused with CBD can be applied on a pet’s skin. These can be used for redness or rash, any skin diseases that the pets contract, and healing wounds.

Pet Treats:
Different pet treats are available for pets to enjoy. There are different pet-friendly flavors, which they enjoy a lot. After taking any of these treats, the pet can relax and sometimes feel euphoric.

While giving CBD to your pet, the dosage needs to be managed carefully. You cannot overdose on your pet as it will lead to drastic euphoric effects. You should slowly increase the dosage of CBD if required. Doctors usually suggest maintaining the routine for a month for consistent positive results.

Best Type of CBD for Pets:
According to the doctor’s perspective, broad-spectrum CBD is the best for pets. Broad-spectrum CBD has all the existing nutrients of CBD except THC. Hence, it doesn’t harm the pet’s psyche and keeps it sane to enjoy the healthy benefits of CBD.
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is also helpful in treating different ailments of pets, which vets find difficult to treat. Some of the illnesses it treats include inflammation, pain, convulsion, stress, and cancer. It promotes homeostasis and calmness in pets who feel distracted due to any stress or anxiety. CBD uproots any problem which pets feel but cannot explain verbally. CBD has relieved many pet owners as their pets are not going to suffer unknowingly anymore.